best kitchen faucet for hard water

Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water to Buy in 2022

If you live in an area where hard water is in abundance, you might end up buying bottled water frequently and worrying about the mineral build up in your faucets. Hard water may put your faucet in a jeopardized situation. 

If you are here about best kitchen faucet for hard water, well you are in luck because you are in the right place.

best kitchen faucet for hard water

Hard water not only makes your faucet faulty but also leads to itchy skin. Hard water can even make your food and coffee go out of taste. Fortunately, there are some faucets available in the market that make stop the hard water in its tracks.

Independent of what your needs are? What is your budget? Which style do you prefer the most? There are some options with us from which you can choose from when it comes to best kitchen faucet for hard water.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

       Whether your kitchen faucets are stylish or vintage, your ultimate goals should be to buy such faucets that have unique qualities. For example, it is easy to dismantle if it gets faulty if it gets leaky or some other fault arises.

Not just the kitchen faucets but bathroom faucets also come in the category. You should also be careful when you choose the best bathroom shower faucets or some other faucets for yourself as well.

1-American Standard Faucets (best kitchen faucet for hard water)

        The American standard kitchen faucet is a pull-down kitchen faucet that has a very unique, sleek, and attractive design. Its name comes from the company the American Standards that always delivers, and its name suits its brand.

The design of the faucet is very versatile. You can choose between a variety of designs like polished chrome, stainless steel, and matte black. This will ensure no compromise on your kitchen decor, as always.

Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

An adjustable spray pattern will allow you to clean your pots and dishes with ease and that you should not face any hurdle while cleaning your pots and dishes. The faucet also has a pause feature.

There is a brass swivel spout in the American standard kitchen faucets that lets you control the stream of water. The American standard kitchen faucets are durable and easy to use.

The faucet is also very easy to install, and you can carry out the installation process all by yourself, typically if you hire a professional plumber to install the faucet for you. He/She may charge you from 120 to 200 dollars for that. That is why you should carry out the installation by yourself.

In case if you still have problems installing the American standard kitchen faucet, we suggest you should watch the following video.

The American standard kitchen faucet is best rated for sturdiness, value for money, and easy installation. We found out these qualities by contacting the manufacturers and visiting different forum websites.

The dimensions of the kitchen faucet are 19 in wide x 13.25 in tall x 3.375 in deep and weigh about 6.09 pounds. The installation method is deck-mounted. The flow rate and water consumption rate of the faucet are 1.5 gallons per minute.

  • Brass Swivel Spout
  • Metal Lever Handle
  • High water pressure
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Not much expensive
  • The neck of the faucet can be a bit sloppy

2-Kohler Kitchen Faucet (top rated faucet)

    The Kohler kitchen faucet is one of the best faucets that you can get for hard water. Although the price tag may make you go balk, still no one can deny the quality of the Kohler kitchen faucet. Whether it is its sleek and attractive look or its amazing features, it will not make you worry.

The Kohler kitchen faucet is stylish, sturdy, durable, and easy to use. The unique three-function pull-down sprayer head has a sweep spray and an aerated stream. The sweep spray is essential for a wider and forceful spray and rinses the dishes easily.

Besides sweep spray that provides a forceful stream of water, there is also a BerrySoft spray feature, which contradicts sweep spray. The BerrySoft spray feature allows you to gently wash fruits and vegetables.

Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

The Magnetic docking system that the Kohler Kitchen faucet has is named as DockNetic system. This DockNetic system is located in the spout and takes care of the spray head. The spray head locks into the spout with the help of this magnetic system.

There are also ceramic disk valves in the Kohler kitchen faucets that ensure the longevity of the faucet and durable performance.

The base of the Kohler kitchen faucet is a vintage type; still, it adds glory to the overall look of the faucet. There are also ProMotion technology’s lights in the faucet that makes the faucet easy to use.

The high arc rotating spout rotates at an angle of 360 degrees to every direction assisting in filling up the pots more easily.

There is only one lever installed at the base of the faucet to one side. The function of a single handle lever is to assist in adjusting the temperature.

The flow rate and water consumption rate of the Kohler kitchen faucet are 1.8 gallons per minute. The material that makes up the faucet is metal, and the finishing looks are vibrant stainless steel.

  • Environment friendly
  • Durable and easy to use
  • In accordance with the modern-day technologies
  • Can prevent mineral buildup in the spout
  • Expensive compared to other faucets

3-Moen Kitchen Faucet (Moen faucets kitchen)

    The Moen kitchen faucet is a standard pull-down kitchen faucet that has some unique qualities and features. This is the reason that you might want to prefer this faucet over some others.

The Moen kitchen faucet has a spot resistant feature that does not let you scratch the surface of the faucet with fingertips. Not just that, it is also a water spot resistant.

The boosted stream feature allows you to fill your pots and dishes with haste and quickly only with the push of a button. This is the Moen’s most exclusive feature that most of the other faucets lack. 

Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

The Moen faucet is retractable and equipped with some of the exclusive reflex features. These reflexes work exactly like the reflex system of humans and secure the docking of the spray head to the spout.

The Moen kitchen faucet is very flexible as well when it comes to its design, as we have already discussed. You can fit this faucet easily in one or three holes sinks. Escutcheon also comes in the package, which means that you do not have to buy it separately.

The Moen kitchen faucet is also backed by its company’s limited lifetime warranty. This warranty has some terms and conditions within which if the faucet gets faulty. They will repair it for you without any charges considerations.

The Moen kitchen faucet has a flow rate and water consumption rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. The turbo boost feature for increasing the flow of water is something that comes handy when cleaning up items in the sink.

The installation method is deck-mounted, and the faucet comes with a couple of colors that you can choose from and have a spot resistant stainless steel.

  • Spot resistant
  • Boosted stream
  • Retractable
  • Flexible design
  • Built to last
  • The spray hose sometimes get leaky

4-Delta Single-Handle Faucet (delta faucets)

     Affordable kitchen faucets like Delta single-handle faucets are quite the looker. The delta brand has a variety of kitchen faucets in which delta touch faucets are the most famous. These faucets last two times as long compared to other faucets.

The Delta single-handle faucets last twice as long as others because of patented diamond seat technology. Patented diamond seal technology reduces the leaking points. This makes the faucet leak-free operating.

The Delta single-handle faucet is an 8 inches configuration faucet. The faucet is designed to fit in a single hole or three hole sinks or basins. The package of the faucet is a complete package that also includes an optional deck plate for three holes installation.

Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

For lesser leak points or no leak points at all, the faucet has InnoFlex supply lines. The Delta single-handle faucets are also very easy to clean. There are touch clean spray-holes in the faucet. These holes let you get rid of stains and minerals like calcium, potassium, and lime buildup with only the touch of a finger.

There is a 20 inches retractable hose in the spray head of the Delta single-handle kitchen faucet for convenience and easy use. If you have to rinse or clean dishes that are bigger and can get in the sink, you can take the spray head out of the spout.

The Delta single-handle kitchen faucet, just like any other faucet, has a limited lifetime warranty. If the faucet gets out of shape for some reason in the mentioned time of warranty, all of the expenses that will need to fix the kitchen faucet will be on the company side.

The number of holes required to install the Delta faucet is three. The finishing style of the faucet is arctic stainless. The installation method, as you may have noticed by now, is deck-mounted. The flow rate and water consumption rate of the faucet are 1.8 gallons per minute.

  • Lasts 2X Longer
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Complete flexibility
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The off switch is a bit difficult to be located

5-Appaso Kitchen Faucet (best kitchen faucets)

    The Appaso kitchen faucet is the cheapest faucet among the list of our faucets. The design of the Appaso kitchen faucet is pretty much similar to that of delta faucets, yet with some differences.

The Appaso kitchen faucet also has a patented design. This patented design allows you to decor your kitchen with its attractive design. They also have a unique aesthetic appearance that glorifies your home and kitchen decor further.

The Appaso kitchen faucet is a pull-down kitchen faucet having a soap dispenser as well. The faucet has a long life reporting of over ten years. This long-life ensuring is because of high-quality ceramic cartridges. With such a low price that this faucet offers, you will see very few to none such types of products.

NSF standard zinc alloy cover with multi-layer brushed nickel is another feature that you just can not ignore.

best kitchen faucet for hard water

The PEX hose inside the Appaso kitchen faucet is high temperature resistant. If hot water is flowing through the hose, this feature will make sure that the hose integrity and quality remain intact.

The faucet is also very easy to operate, having three setting models: the stream spray and pause model. For filling pots and dishes quickly, the streaming model comes into play. For strong cleaning and rinsing purposes, the spray model comes into play, and to stop the faucet from splashing all around, the pause button takes the job.

The faucet is also very easy to install, and the installation process takes place in only four simple steps. You can install the faucet by yourself, taking the necessary precautions. The installation nearly takes 20-30 minutes.

The Appaso kitchen faucet also has a three-month money-back guarantee. If anything. Not just this, but also a limited lifetime warranty awaits for you if you buy this faucet. The warranty and money-back guarantee work with some terms and conditions which you have to agree to first.

The Appaso kitchen faucet dimensions are 24 x 11.2 x 3.1 inches, with a weight equal to 5.59 pounds. The color of the faucet is brushed nickel, while the pattern is originally patented. The hose length is 20 inches, while the flow rate of water is 2 gallons per minute.

  • Patented design
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Money back guarantee for 3 months
  • Pressure sometimes drops dramatically

Final Verdict

  Although we have narrowed down the research for you and have picked some of the best faucets that you could have for yourself when it comes to hard water usage. However, some of you may still confuse yourselves, which one to go for? Will they suit our kitchen?

These are some types of questions that you may ask yourself. When it comes to our choice that which one of the above faucet we will choose for ourself?

We will go for the American Standard Kitchen Faucet.

The reason for choosing the American Standard is that the price tag is reasonable, and it is all in one type of faucet in our view.

We hope you now have understood the importance of not just the American standard kitchen faucet but any one of the above.

If you like our efforts and research, please make sure to share this with your friends and family, hope they will like it as well.


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