Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

7 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100 – Reviews and Guide 2020

Everybody wants to improve their bathrooms and kitchen with not much spending and find the best faucets for themselves, but practically it seems very dramatic. But no so dramatic if you research with an open heart. Here we are going to enlist the best kitchen faucets under $100 for you.

To find products such as the best kitchen faucets under 100 dollars requires a lot of research. But as you know, it is our job. We have to find such products for you no matter what. The easiest way to find such products is to go to big eCommerce sites and search for yourself.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Doing so will waste a lot of your time, why not you see some of our best kitchen faucets. We try our best not to disappoint you, and we sure will achieve this goal once you read this through.

The Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

      There are a lot of faucets under $100 that you can enlist for yourself. But have you ever asked yourself some of the few basic questions before enlisting them for yourself? What if the quality has been compromised because of the low price? What if they get leaky over time?

Well, we have already taken care of them, and for sure you will see some of the best results even with as low price as $100.

1-WEWE Kitchen Faucets


  The WEWE kitchen faucet is a one-handle pull-out kitchen faucet. The finishing style and colour of the faucet are brushed nickel. The faucet also features a pull-down sprayer. Some of the features and characteristics of the faucet are below:

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Sleek Design

  The faucet has an exquisite design that makes its look very attractive. The design of the faucet is a tulip-like that is why it is called tulip kitchen faucet design.

The tulip design makes your kitchen look simpler and appealing, and it can fit into almost all types of kitchen sinks.

Multi-Functional Outlet Water Effect

      The WEWE kitchen faucet has three spray settings, the stream, spray, and pause. The stream for filling pots and dishes quickly, the spray for rinsing them clean, and the pause for avoiding any splash potential in multi-task mode.

Easy to Install

  The faucet is very easy to install because almost all of its parts are already intact and you just have to install it on its counterpart. Most people can do it even if they are non-professional and have no idea about plumbing.

Easy to Operate

  The faucet is durable and easy to operate because of its handle control. The single handle is used to control the temperature and volume flow of the water.

Intact Sprayer-Head

   The sprayer head is a pull-down sprayer head and retracts back to spout each time after the use.

Easy Maintenance

   The structure of the faucet is straightforward. The main reason to keep the structure simple is because of some specks of dirt get stuck in the main drain, spout of the faucet or anywhere else. You shall remove it quickly.

  • Excellent Design
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multi-functional faucet
  • The water flow is a little low

2-Arofa Commercial Kitchen Faucets


  Aroba commercial kitchen faucet is one of the very few faucets that do not charge much and in return does it job efficiently. The faucet is a pull-down faucet with a pull-out sprayer head that does reach beyond the sink to its premises.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Easy to Match Faucet

   If you want to buy a kitchen faucet first, you have to check the compatibility of the faucet with the sink. But not in the case of Arofa kitchen faucet because it almost matches any kind of kitchen sink. This feature of Arofa kitchen faucet saves for you your precious time.

Easy to Install

  The faucet comes almost pre-installed in every manner. All you have to do is to fit it in your kitchen faucet, and everything besides that is taken care of by the Arofa. This easy to install feature would also save you the extra money that you pay to plumber.

Easy to Use

  The faucet is reliable, durable, and most importantly, easy to use and in compliance with any person regardless of age.

Temperature Control

    The Arofa kitchen faucets have a temperature control feature, which does not let the water gain a sudden temperature, which may cause skin burn.

Volume Control

   You can control the volume of the water with the help of its stainless handle. The handle of the faucet is of very high quality.

Easy to Clean

  If your faucet somehow gets the specks of dirt entrapped in the spout you do not have to worry because the faucet is straightforward to clean. The faucet is also superior corrosion and rust-resistant.

  • Reliable
  • Durability and stability is very high
  • Metal handle
  • Brass stainless steel ABS material
  • Sometimes the spray part of the faucet gets dislocated

3-Aimadi Kitchen Faucets


  The Aimadi faucet is a contemporary kitchen sink faucet with pull-down sprayers. The faucet finishing style is brushed nickel with classic style. The faucet has got some of the amazing features and styles which we are going to discuss below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Appearance and Design

    The faucet has a solid brass body with lead-free brass construction in it. Lead-free faucet typically has a positive impact on the health of a person.

The faucet has clean lines’ design and sleek looks that make it an ageless yet fashion-forward masterpiece for your kitchen.

Spout Rotation Range

           The faucet can rotate 360 degrees in any direction. The spout also offers two different types of sprays.

Heavy-Duty Faucets

       The Aimadi kitchen faucet is a heavy-duty faucet and is primarily for commercial use. If you have a busy kitchen, you should make this faucet your number one choice for yourself.

Easy to Install

     The faucet is easy to install because of its quick-connect design. Also, the operation of the faucet is super easy, and everyone can operate it with no rocket science involved.

Modern Make-Over

   The faucet has such a beautiful design that it gives your kitchen a sense of modern make-over that too at an affordable price. It cannot get better than that.

  • Solid brass body
  • Excellent spout rotation
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Easy to clean
  • Filler does not extend far enough into the sink basin

4-Comllen Kitchen Faucets


  The Comllen kitchen faucet is a commercial single-handle kitchen faucet intended for heavy-duty use. You can use these types of kitchen faucets for most commercial use. The faucet also has a pull-down sprayer with no deck plate.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Easy Installation

   The faucet is very easy to install and requires only one-hole sinks to fit in; however, the base plate is not included in the package. You have to order it separately.

Leak-Proof Faucet

   The faucet does not leak at all under normal usage and conditions. The quick connector feature enhances the leak-proof and makes it more durable and easy to operate.

Better Steel Finish

   The faucet has a modern-day excellent looking steel finish that resists tarnishing, rusting, and corrosion at all costs. The rusting and corrosion can damage your faucet, but you do not have to worry about that in case of Comllen kitchen faucets.

Multiple Spray Options

           The faucet has a different spray option from smooth spray to stream water flow. The faucets no just only have various spray options but also drip-free.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The company’s limited lifetime warranty also backs the faucet. If you agree to their terms and conditions, they will repair the faucet for you if it gets faulty. Not just only that, they also ensure you of a 100 per cent money-back guarantee.

Other Specifications

       The material used in the faucet is entirely metal. The colour and finishing style of the faucet is brushed nickel. The spout reach of the faucet is about 9 inches beyond the sink to its premises.

  • Easy installation to carry
  • Better looks and finishing style
  • Easy to operate the faucet
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The faucet lacks magnetic docking system

5-Arofa Pull-out Kitchen Faucets


  The Arofa kitchen faucet (both pull-down and pull-out) is a contemporary kitchen faucet that has got some of the amazing looks. Its matte black colour even adds glory to all the features this faucet has got. Some of the features and characteristics of the faucet are discussed below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Easy Match Design

   There are very few faucets out there in the market that fits its counterpart most of the time. Luckily the Arofa kitchen faucets are one of them, and they can meet almost all kind of sinks (if not all). The reason that its fits to its counterpart so conveniently lies in its sleek design.

Easy Installation

   The Arofa kitchen faucets are very easy to install, and they even provide a video guide on how you can install the faucet by yourself. This has proved very helpful according to its customers and has saved extra money for them which they pay to plumbers.

Easy to Use

  The faucet is not only easy to operate but also can handle most of your work conveniently with no issue faced. The faucet is designed in such a way that the spray pressure will rinse off the dirt from your pots and dishes in no time.

Easy to Clean

  The faucet is also straightforward to clean. If some specks of dirt happen to stick in the spout, you can always pull out the spray head and clean the spout very easily.

Built to Last Long

   The faucet is durable and made to last long. The premium material used in the faucet ensures its quality.

  • Easy to operate
  • Built to last
  • Quick connect feature
  • Compatible with almost every kind of sinks
  • The spray feature sometime gets faulty

6-Moone Kitchen Faucets


  The Moone kitchen faucet is a single handle pull down sprayer faucet. The finishing style of the faucet is brushed nickel, and the material used in the faucet is solid brass. This makes the faucet long-lasting and guaranteed to buy.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Modern Style Kitchen Faucet

     The material used in the faucet making is of brass and stainless steel. These materials give the faucet a sleek and contemporary look that looks fancy and decor your kitchen.

Easy to Clean

  Within a few minutes, you can clean your faucet if some specks of dirt happen to stick in the spout with whatever reason may be. This makes the faucet very easy and convenient to clean.

Easy to Operate

      The faucet is not just easy to clean but also very easy to operate. Most of the faucets have a very complex structure with lots of handles and buttons, but this faucet is entirely the opposite of those complicated faucets.

Easy to Install

  The faucet is also straightforward to install, and most of the faucets’ parts are pre-installed, and you just have to fit it in the counterpart, and you will be all set.

Outdoor Use

  The faucet is not only intended for kitchen use, but you can also use it for outdoor use. You shall not face any issue, and the company help handle would guide you properly on how to install the faucet outdoor.

Other Specifications

        The faucet weight is 5.69 pounds with the product w=dimensions of 16.9 x 2.2 x 8.7 inches. The installation method is either one hole, or three holes depends on your counterpart on which you want the faucet to install.

  • High arc Swivel
  • Also for outdoor use
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation process
  • The faucet will spin on the base if you do not install it correctly

7-MQWOX Kitchen Sink Faucets


  The MQWOX kitchen sink faucet is a commercial faucet. The faucet is a pull-down sprayer with stainless steel is its material composed off of. Some of the features and characteristics of this fantastic faucets are given below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under $100

Commercial Design

   The faucet is not just designed as a commercial faucet, but its features also indicate that the faucet is the heavy-duty faucet and is designed for busy kitchens.

Multi-Function Faucet

    The faucet is a multi-function faucet and provides you with a bunch of features from hot water to cold water and many others. The faucet also reduces the splash potential, which causes trouble to many of the kitchens.

Easy to Operate

  The faucet is very easy to use, and its durability has taken the faucet to its peak. Every new customer, after buying the faucet, recommends it to their friends and families.

Easy to Install

  This faucet is not like other faucets that come entirely dismantled, and you have to fix every part. All you have to do is to fix tha faucet just in the sink, and everything else has been taken care of by the manufacturers.

  • Heavy-duty faucet
  • Multifeatured faucet
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and reliable
  • The sprayer of the faucet is delicate and likely to break if not taken care of properly


  All of the above faucets are budget-friendly, and you can have any one of them for your kitchen, and hopefully, you will also have a great experience with them.

Keep in mind that the budget-friendly does not mean they have compromised on the quality. The faucets are budget-friendly, yet they work like faucets that cost thousands of bucks.

We hope you have liked our research, make sure to share it with your friends and family.


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