best kitchen faucets under 200

6 Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200 – Reviews and Guide Updated 2022

Modern style kitchen faucets nowadays have become an integral part of our kitchen, especially when they are affordable economically. The best kitchen faucets under 200 dollars do not seem that much of an intriguing offer.

The Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200 Dollars

The faucets that come under 200 dollars would not only benefit you economically but will also have some extra features which you can benefit from in your daily life.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200

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We know there are a lot of people who can not afford expensive faucets. They look for cheaper faucets that not only fit for them in the budget but also can fulfill their requirements. That is the reason we are reviewing some of the best kitchen faucets under 200 dollars for you.

1-Moen Spot Resistant Kitchen Faucets


The Moen spot resistant kitchen faucet is a pull-down kitchen faucet that has some unique features installed in it. The faucet also features power boost and reflex actions which we are going to discuss in detail along with some other features.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under 100

Spot Resistant Faucet

The faucet has such colour and finishing touch that it resists fingerprints and water spots. This way, it gives your kitchen an immaculate look even after extended use. This is the main reason for the faucet’s sleek and brighter look.

Boosted Stream

  If you are in a hurry and want your pot or design to fill up real quick the Moen kitchen faucet has got you covered with its powerful boosted stream technology. This technology enables the faucet to fill up any pot real fast within no time.

Retractable Faucet

The Moen spot resistant kitchen faucet is very smooth to operate thanks to its reflex system that has enabled the faucet to work clean and quiet.

Spray-Head Docking System

The faucet has a spray head that can detach from the spout and reach beyond its counterpart. This way, you can clean the dishes that can not fit in the sink. After you are done with cleaning the spray head securely docks to the spout with no hurdles faced.

Flexible Design of the Faucet

The design of the faucet is very flexible, and you can install it through one or three holes counterpart. The escutcheon also comes with the package.

Built to Last

Moen’s limited lifetime warranty backs the faucet under specific terms and conditions. If those terms and conditions are met, they will repair the faucet for you if it gets faulty.

Other Specifications

The installation method of the faucet is deck-mounted. The maximum flow rate of the water is 1.5 gallons per minute. The finish type is stainless and spot resistant, as discussed above.

  • Boosted Spray System
  • Spot Resistant Faucet
  • Retractable and built to last
  • Versatile Design
  • The cartridge nut gets loosen sometimes

2-American Standard Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets


American Standard is one of the most respected and widely used faucets not only in the United States but the whole of North America. These faucets have some of the extra features and characteristics which we are going to discuss below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200

Scratch, Tarnish, and Corrosion Resistant Finish

As you know that any faucet exposure to the water is prolonged on a daily basis. Knowing that the American Standard has given their faucets such finishing so as to resist scratching and corrosion.

More specifically the finishing style of the faucet is of brass. The outside coating of brass onto the faucet has made the faucet corrosion and tarnish resistant, and the faucets look new even after prolonged use.

Dip Free Performance

The faucet features a ceramic disc valve that ensures a dip free performance of the faucet for a lifetime. The ceramic disc valve also plays an essential role in keeping your faucet maintenance free.

Pull-Down Sprayer

The American Standard kitchen faucet also features a pull-down sprayer as an integrated sprayer for more convenience. This pull-down sprayer also has a pause/on feature due to which you can control the water when you desire.


The American Standard Colony faucet satisfies the NSF Standard 61/Section 9 and Prop 65 lead requirements set out by the government. Besides that, it also has an American with Disabilities act feature.

Lifetime Warranty

The American standard kitchen faucets also have a lifetime warranty. As long as the person who has purchased the faucet owns the home, the American standard kitchen faucet would provide you with the support to the faucet.

  • Leak-Resistant Faucet
  • Integrated Sprayer
  • Safety Guaranteed
  • ADA Compliant
  • Lifetime Warranty for the purchaser
  • The nozzle lacks a magnet or other mechanism to hold it to the neck

3-Kraus Commercial Kitchen Faucets


The Kraus commercial kitchen faucet is a modern style kitchen faucet that has a high arc open coil design. This creates a very professional look with maximum visual impact. Other features and specifications of this fantastic faucet we are going to discuss below.

Flexible Functionality

The faucets have a very diverse and flexible functionality with a very sleek and attractive look. Not just that but it also has a detachable spray head that can displace from its place when required.

After getting done with the job, the spray head can attach itself to its counterpart with a technology system called the magnetic docking system. There is a magnetic in the counterpart of the spray head that helps keep the spray head in its place.

Heavy Duty Faucets

If you do run a business where you need a faucet more frequently. You need to buy a commercial faucet. Luckily the Kraus kitchen faucet is a commercial faucet, and you can choose this one as your heavy-duty faucet.

Besides, if you have a busy kitchen, you can also choose the likes of Kraus commercial kitchen faucet for long and lasting operation.

Dual Function Spray Head

The spray head is not only detachable but also works perfectly with its double function feature. The Pull-down sprayer head has both the powerful stream and steady settings and totally depends upon you which one you will choose at the time of operation.

Lifetime Warranty

Although the faucet is qualitative and you will hardly find such faucets with such a budget. However, the company still provides a limited lifetime warranty for it. If the faucet gets faulty, the manufacturer will take care of it with no extra charges.

Other Specifications

The faucet colour and finishing style is that of chrome which reflects beautifully. The installation method is deck mounted and also very easy to install. You can also carry out the installation process all by yourself.

The flow rate of the faucet is 1.8 gallons per minute. The spout height is 7.25 inches while the spout reach is that of 8.63 inches.

  • Diverse Functionalities
  • Maximum Durability
  • Lifetime Warranty for limited time
  • Dual-Function Spray head
  • Heightened Faucet
  • Water pressure is a little low compared to other faucets

4-Pacific Bay Kitchen Faucet


Pacific Bay kitchen faucet is a very unique and different kind of faucet from others just like its name. The faucet has a very unique and sleek design that contradicts with almost any other faucet. Some of the features and characteristics that this faucet have are going to be discussed below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200

Sprayer Head

The faucet has a detachable sprayer head attached to its spout that you can take beyond sink and carry out washing dishes. The sprayer head then docks into the spout automatically.

Not only that, the sprayer head also offers dual-functional spray and you can toggle easily from stream spray to steady spray.

Temperature and Water Flow Adjustment

To quickly adjust the temperature of the water along with the water flow, the faucet also has a single lever to one of its sides. It also features a soap dispenser. The faucet is perfect for a three holes sink top and best suits it.

The faucet also does not let the water gain sudden temperature rise as this would lead to skin burn.

 Design and Look of the Faucet

The Pacific Bay kitchen faucet is a heavy-duty faucet especially made for commercial use. The material that makes up this faucet is metallic mostly chrome. The faucet is designed keeping in mind the decor of a kitchen and how it will affect your overall look of the kitchen.

Quality of the Faucet

If somehow you feel the urge to update your sink you can do it anytime knowing that it will not compromise your faucet quality and functionality at all.

The faucet comes with a ceramic disc valve, so you do not have to worry about any splash potential as this faucet is completely splash-free.

Installation Method

You know most of the manufacturing companies recommend to install their faucet by a professional plumber. However, in the case of Pacific Bay, the scenario is entirely different, and you can install the faucet all by yourself as they also recommend it. This way you can save the extra money for yourself.

  • Sleek Looks and Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Temperature Control Sensor
  • Dual Functional Spray Head
  • If not installed correctly the faucet could get leaky

5-Grohe Kitchen Faucets


The Grohe kitchen faucets are one of those faucets that have a lifetime of smooth operation. The faucet is a pull-down kitchen faucet with some of the other qualities and features which we are going to discuss below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200

Grohe SilkMove

      Grohe kitchen sink faucets not only are attractive in looks and appearances, but also runs smoothly. Even Grohe claims that their faucets would run smoothly for lifetime. 

This is a very great feature and with the passage of time as the faucet gets used, it would not have any roughness that most of the customers complain for each and every time.

StarLight Finishing of the Faucet

      The Grohe kitchen faucets have a unique starlight chrome finishing which give these faucets a sleek look and attractive appearance. Not only that but it also protects the faucets from tarnishing and corrosion making it a corrosion-proof faucet.

StarLight finishing also makes the faucet resist any fingerprint and water spot.

Speed-Clean Anti-Lime System

Most of the faucets do not have the feature of removing the lime over their surfaces with just your fingertips. However, the Grohe kitchen faucets here make it into the exception list and you can remove the lime over its surface with just a wipe with your fingertips.

Dual Spray Diverter

The spray head of the Grohe kitchen faucet always allows you to toggle between boost and steady spray and operate the faucet according to your need at the time.

There are some dishes that have stains stuck to them as with normal steady spray they can not be wiped off from the surface of the dish. This is the reason the faucet offers a boosted stream spray to quickly remove off the stains from such dishes.

Other Specifications

The faucet thickness is 2.38 inches with chrome finishing. The faucet is also very easy to install having installation method od deck-mounted. The water consumption rate of the faucet is 1.75 gallons per minute.

  • Silk Moving like Faucet
  • Dual Spray Head
  • Easy Installation Process
  • Anti-Lime cleaning system
  • You need to install the faucet correctly otherwise hose would start leaking

6-Appaso Matte Black Kitchen Sink Faucets


Last but not the least, The Appaso kitchen sink faucet is one of very few faucets that look different and offers a vintage look. The specifications and features of the faucet are given below.

Best Kitchen Faucets Under 200

Noble and Mysterious

    As you might have heard, gold represents noble and black looks mysterious. The combination of both gold and black in the faucets have added glory to the overall looks of the faucet.

Magnetic Docking System

You can detach the spray head of the faucet and rinse the dishes beyond the reach of the sink. After you are done with the rinsing you can re-attach the spray head to the spout of the faucet and it will remain intact with it automatically.

This is because of the magnet installed in the spout of the faucet that does not let the spray head fall.

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase the faucet, they will provide you with 90 days money back guarantee. If something bad happens to the faucet in the specific time you can always take your money back or exchange it.

Easy to Install

The faucet is also very easy to install and you can carry out the installation all by yourself. You just have to take the precautionary measures.

  • Patent Protection
  • Magnetic docking system
  • Money well spent kind of faucet
  • Easy to install
  • The water pressure is a little low


Choosing the best faucet for yourself that too economical faucet becomes a tiresome and difficult job. However, we have made it simple for you by just researching a little.

We hope you like research. If you like it please make sure to share it with your friends so they will get benefited from it as well.


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