best rated widespread bathroom faucets

8 Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets – Updated Guide 2022

A widespread faucet, as the name suggests, is a faucet that has a little more room in handles than a centre set faucet. The best rated widespread bathroom faucets are the ones who can meet the requirements you need without any issues faced in your bathroom.

We are sure you have looked around the internet searching here and there in need of widespread best bathroom faucets. We do not know how you ended up here but since you have come here why not convert your this precious time into some substantial figures.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets

The widespread bathroom faucets are a little different both in size and appearance than a regular or centre set faucet. The faucets mounting holes have to distance between them (spread). The distance of widespread holes ranges from six to twelve inches, and that is the reason they are called widespread faucets.

Some Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets

        The best rated widespread bathroom faucets, however, require large sinks because of its widespread and large size.

1-Delta Widespread Bathroom Faucet


  The delta widespread is a drain assembly faucet having two separate handles on both of its sides. These faucets have some of the fantastic features and characteristics which we are going to discuss below:

These points we are going to discuss below are from trusted buyers that had shared these faucets with themselves in their homes.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets
  • The price is very reasonable that too with some additional features.
  • The faucet is straightforward to install; however, most buyers still prefer the use of a professional plumber to install it.
  • The Delta company limited lifetime warranty backs the faucet, and you do not have to worry about any of the faulty features in the given warranty time.
  • The main spout and two handles require three-hole sink for it to fit in.
  • The Delta widespread bathroom faucet is also ADA (American with disabilities act) compliant.

Besides these amazing features, the delta widespread bathroom faucet is also WaterSense labelled. This means that these kinds of faucets use twenty per cent less water than the industry standards.

The faucet also has a very excellent finishing chrome look, and the sleek design adds more glory to its appearance and features.

  • Drain assembly included
  • Easy installation to carry on
  • WaterSense Labelled
  • ADA compliant
  • Nice design and look
  • The faucet has plastic under the vanity top

2-Peerless Widespread Bathroom Faucet


  The Peerless widespread bathroom faucet has a very unique and sleek design. The faucet is basically for the types of bathrooms that are widespread as it will occupy a considerable amount of space. 

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets

Based on its usage there are some other points worth sharing which we are going to share with you below:

  • The installation is effortless to carry, and even a non-professional can do it conveniently; however, the company recommends that a professional must carry out the installation process.
  • Most faucets do not come with supply lines included in the box but not in the case of Peerless widespread faucets. They include supply lines with the package for easy installation.
  • The Peerless widespread bathroom faucet is also equipped with Ceramic Disk Technology. This makes your ceramic faucet disc inside the value more improved. It also gives you a sense of smooth and reliable motion, and the faucet would last longer than the company standards.
  • However, the flow rate and water consumption rate of these faucets are a little lower than other faucets. The standard flow rate of these faucets is 1.0 gallons per minute.
  • Ceramic Disk Technology
  • Drain Assembly included
  • Easy installation
  • Supply lines included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • The faucet is very hard to keep clean – spots very easily

3-Phiestina Widespread Bathroom Faucet


  The Phiestina Widespread bathroom faucets have alot in similarities to those of the faucets mentioned above. However, there are still some differences both in design and appearances, which we are going to discuss below.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets
  • The metal push and seal pop-up drain are included in the package however water hose is not included. The drain is made up of copper for durable use and to avoid leakage. This updated pop-up drain is easier to install.
  • The faucet is also very easy to install, and you can carry out the installation process all by yourself. This way, you can save the plumbing charges for yourself. The installation method is surface-mounted.
  • The Phiestina Widespread bathroom faucet requires a three-hole sink to fit in. Two holes for each of the handles sidewise and one hole for the main faucet spout.
  • What is unique about Phiestina faucets is that they provide you with customer support 24/7. This way you can explain your problems if you are facing any.
  • The colour of the faucet is brushed nickel, and the material used in the faucet is copper-made.
  • Pop-up drain included
  • Easy installation
  • Customer support
  • Excellent design
  • Sometimes the faucet gets leaky

4-Pfister Widespread Bathroom Faucets


  The Pfister widespread bathroom faucet is a two-handle faucet and spread 8 inches wide. The look of the faucet is very appealing, and the faucet itself is very durable and easy to use.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets
  • The faucet is a unique model and is installed on a three-hole sink as its counterpart. The faucet also features an all-metal pop-up drain assembly.
  • The Pfister widespread bathroom faucet also includes metal supply nuts, valves, and cartridges in the package.
  • The faucet also has a ceramic disc valve technology. This technology makes the faucet more reliable and performance guaranteed.
  • The faucet has a flow rate and water consumption rate of 1.2 gallons per minute. This makes the faucet meet or exceed CalGreen criteria.
  • The faucet is also economically very efficient and helps you conserve the water up to 20 per cent than any standard faucet for an average homage use. 
  • The faucet also meets the criteria for Americans with disability act (ADA).
  • Under the US safe drinking water act tha faucet is considered fit.

Although the faucet is best rated for its performance still, it has got a little high price compared to those above.

  • Ceramic Disc technology
  • ADA compliant
  • Better flow rate
  • Excellent sleek design
  • The water comes out too close to the back of the sink sometimes

5-Delta Windemere Widespread Bathroom Faucet


  The Delta Windemere bathroom faucet is different from all the faucet we have discussed till now in looks and appearances. The faucet has a unique black colour which adds flory to its appearance and looks very appealing.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets

Some of the features of the faucet are below based on its functionalities.

  • The faucet can only fit in 3 holes 6-16 inches sink as its counterparts. This is beacuse of its widespread configuration.
  • The Delta Windemere bathroom faucet is also straightforward to install, and you should install it with ease without facing any issue. However, doing the same with the help of a plumber would look fancy although he/she will charge you extra for that.
  • All of the Delta faucets, including this one, are WaterSense labelled and use at least 20 per cent less water than a standard faucet. This will also save you water bill for sure.
  • Just like any other faucet this Delta widespread faucet is also ADA compliant, and disabled people can use the faucet without any issues.
  • The faucet also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You do not have to worry about getting the faucet faulty in the five years terms.
  • Easy to install
  • WaterSense labelled
  • ADA compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The handles sometimes get stiff

6-Parlos Widespread Bathroom Faucets


  The Parlos widespread bathroom faucet is an oil rubbed bronze faucet having almost the same look as Delta Windemere faucet. The faucet has got some exceptional reputation over the last few years. This is mainly due to great improvements in quality.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets

Some of the features and characteristics of the faucet are below.

  • The package includes many things like the quick-connect fitting hose, pop-up drain assembly, and water supply hoses.
  • The Parlos widespread bathroom faucet is compatible with three-hole skin, and it can fit in the sink very comfortably anywhere from six to twelve inches.
  • The faucet is a two-handle widespread faucet, and these handles easily control the temperature and water flow rate. The faucet does not let the water rise its temperature all of a sudden. This way, it prevents your skin from burns.
  • The faucet look is of antique type and is especially for those people who love kinds of stuff antiqued in this modern-day world.
  • The faucet is also very durable and easy to use, and the main reason is the use of premium material construction.
  • When it comes to installation, every single brand out there recommends a professional plumber. If you can carry out the installation for yourself, you can do it because this faucet is very easy to install. Usually, this is not a technical issue to look at.
  • Quick connect fitting hose
  • Premium material construction
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and easy to use
  • The faucet gets leaky if not installed correctly

7-Phiestina Widespread Bathroom Faucets


  The Phiestina widespread bathroom faucet is a low-arch two-handle bathroom faucet. The faucet is specially designed for those people who love the black coloured bathroom. Some of its amazing features are discussed below in detail.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets
  • The faucet usually resists leaking due to its durable drain made of copper. However, the hose is not included in the package.
  • Although we have discussed it earlier that the company recommends installing the faucet by a professional plumber however this is not the case with Phiestina faucets. They claim that the faucet is easy to install and you can do it all by yourself.
  • Lead containing faucet are dangerous to health. The Phiestina faucets are lead-free, ensuring your health and keeping you away from diseases.
  • The faucet has a spout reach of almost 5 inches; the installation method is surface-mounted while the colour is absolute matte black.
  • The pressure of the faucet is also considerable. The faucet also can control the sudden spike of the temperature, which can lead to skin burn.

The Phiestina widespread bathroom faucet can get you a life experience once you engage yourself with it, and you will love it more each and every day.

  • Drain included
  • Quick connect technology
  • Lead-Free standards
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Resists leaking
  • The surface scratches off after long term usage

8-RKF Widespread Bathroom Faucets


  The RKF widespread bathroom faucet is one of the few faucets that has gotten familiar with its excellent and decent looks over the past few years. The faucet has some elegant features that we are going to discuss with you guys below.

Best Rated Widespread Bathroom Faucets
  • As we discussed the RKF widespread bathroom faucet has got a beautiful design and not only that its golden finishing looks add more glory to its appearance.
  • The faucet also resists corrosion and tarnishing with its frequent daily use. Its is also a scratch-proof faucet and its distinctive design prevent any scratches in order to look the same every time.
  • The faucet is also straightforward to install with its quick-connect technology, and the step-by-step installation guide makes it even more simple.
  • The effortless temperature and flow control is another feature of the RKF faucets, and you can control the temperature with just the two handles and no rocket science required.
  • Just like the other widespread faucet, it also requires a three-hole sink as its counterpart for installation.

Overall the faucet is very reasonable not just with looks but with price as well, and we rate the faucet as the best rated widespread bathroom faucets.

  • Elegant design
  • Temperature controller
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to install and durable to use
  • The hot valve leaks sometimes


  We have reviewed some of the best products for you just in case you need to buy more than one faucet at a time. However, you have to consider some points before buying a widespread bathroom faucet.

Space Required

   As you know, the widespread bathroom faucet requires a larger three holes sink for installation, and so a three holes sink requires more space. If you have plenty of space in your bathroom, go for it. Otherwise, you can always choose a standard bathroom faucet for yourself.

Budget-Friendly Faucets

    All of the above widespread faucet we have discussed are budget-friendly, but even if you want to buy some other kind of faucet, you should always consider this point in mind. This way, you can manage expenses for your other activities.

Final Verdict

  We are not going to prefer any of the faucets over the other. The reason for not comparing is because after a lot of research, we have found these faucets from different forums and authority websites, and they were highly admirable of these faucets.

Which one you will choose, you will have good experience with it at least this is what we can assure you.

We hope you have benefited from our research and liked it. Please do not forget to share it with your friends and family.


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