how do shower faucets work

How Do Shower Faucets Work – Updated Guide 2022

How Do Shower Faucets Work

Are you installing a new shower? You then probably are wondering how do shower faucets work? Right! You are in luck because Faucetsopedia has got you covered and will show you how do shower faucets work?

You may also be wondering why I should care about how do shower faucets work? It is the responsibility of a plumber and all that. You are probably right, but guess what, if you are an all-rounder, you may have a shot at what we call a versatile person.

The knowledge about shower faucets will allow you to identify a qualitative shower faucet for yourself when needed.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you really want to put yourself in a condition where you will regret the decision you have made in the past? I am pretty sure your answer is a big NO.

Now, as your answer is pretty convincing, let me get you to the main business and show you that how does a shower work actually?

How Do Shower Faucets Work?

To actually know about the technicalities of how does a shower work requires you to know about some related things prior. These things are:

  1. Valve
  2. Rough-in
  3. Rough
  4. Diverter Valve
  5. Mixing Valve
  6. Pressure Balance Valve
  7. Thermostatic Valve
  8. Trim


A valve is a junction where the hot and cold water pipes meet together. It is basically a valve of a faucet that controls the temperature and flow of water.


The Rough-In is the stage of what you can call an intermediate phase. At this stage, the transition is actually in the process, and the system is fully installed but not yet operational.


Rough is a general term and refers to the stuff found inside the wall and plays an essential role in transforming the whole process alive.

4-Diverter Valve

Diverter valve, as the name indicates, performs the function of diverting but how? I am going to explain it to you in very simple words.

When you turn on the knob on a shower faucet, you exactly have used a diverter valve. You have diverted the direction of the flow of water to the shower head. There are many types of diverter valves: two-valve diverter and three-valve diverter are most famous among them.

5-Mixing Valve

The mixing valve does the operation of mixing the hot and cold water. The mixing valve plays a vital role in keeping your shower alive and keeping it together.

Before delivering the water, the mixing valve mixes the hot and cold water and delivers the water at an appropriate temperature. If it becomes too hot or too cold when your mixing valve is not working correctly, it can seriously affect your skin.

6-Pressure Balancing Valve

The pressure balancing valve typically opts for water pressure and takes good care of it. Besides controlling water pressure, the pressure-balancing Valve also maintains and senses the ratio of hot and cold water before delivering it.

7-Thermostatic Valve

Where there is the word “Thermostatic,” it always refers to the temperature. The same is the case here. A thermostatic valve controls the water’s temperature and keeps it at an appropriate level with the help of some sensors embedded in the Valve.


Trim also has a second name by the term, the knob. It is an external handle that turns on or off the shower.

Every shower faucet has a different working mechanism. Some of them may use a single trim while others would work on double trim handles.

If you do not know any of the above terms, you need to gather some information about them because you will hear a lot about them when searching for a right shower faucet.

Now, as you know about some of the important elements of a shower faucet, we are ready to make our next move and discuss the real phenomenon.

The Real Phenomenon of How do Shower Faucets Work

To put together all of the above-discussed things together, you can come up with the following fact.

When you turn on the trim, water flows from the water source directly to the cold pipe. As far as hot water, it goes into the water heater first to get heated. Water from both the pipes goes into the shower mixing valve. The micing Valve mixes both hot and cold water and sends it to the showerhead or tub faucet as needed.

You now know that there are different kinds of shower faucets almost tons of them and each of them is one of a kind. Therefore you will need different types of valves to make it properly functional. You also need to take care of trim to be compatible with the rough.

As I stated above, there comes a lot of different types of shower faucets. You should know about some of them as that is why some of them are below in detail.

Single Function Shower Faucets

Single function showers, as the name implies, perform only one function. The single function shower faucets only have one wall-mounted shower head and a pressure balancing Valve. Water goes from the hot and cold water pipes into the pressure-balancing Valve.

How Do Shower Faucets Work

In the pressure-balancing Valve, the temperature and water pressure is regulated before it is delivered to the shower head through a single water pipe.

Two Function Shower Faucets

As you come to diversify your option for your bathroom. Your shower faucets become more complex. These types of shower faucets are dramatically increasing in demand; that’s why I am giving it a touch for the sake that you would be interested.

Two function shower faucets are a typical combo of a bath and shower. They also do have a combo of multiple shower heads, for example, rain head and handheld or overhead and body spray types of shower faucets.

how do shower faucets work

They may be called two function shower faucets because of their shower heads, but at the same time, you can not run two shower heads like handheld and overhead. This type of configuration requires a complex set of instalments behind the wall of which we call the rough.

Two function shower heads have a diverter that diverts the water from one shower head to another per your sayings as you turn the knob.

Multi-Function Shower Faucets

Multi-function shower faucets have a very complex structure and allow you to turn on more than one shower head at a time. But how do they work? What is their working phenomenon? Faucetsopedia will make you understand just in a while.

how do shower faucets work

The multi-function shower faucets have a three-way diverter and a rough that is beyond the comprehension of a non-technical guy. The three-way diverter allows the shower heads and sprays to receive uninterrupted water at the same time.

Exposed Shower Faucets

Many shower faucets have their rough not installed in the walls but rather exposed, and you can even see the water flow through them if they are transparent enough. This will also help you to fix your shower faucet more quickly if they need to be fixed.

how do shower faucets work

So next time if your plumber hands over the bill to you, you will remember all of the journey and the mechanism that water goes through right before coming to your shower head or spray head.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Shower Diverter Work?

The diverter works a pathway for the shower heads. If there are more than one shower heads connected, diverter blocks the way of one to divert the water to the other.

Do I really Need a Plumber to Fix my Shower or Install it?

This is the most asked question, and the answer lies within your guts. What can you do? Do you have any knowledge about the plumbing? If the answer is yes, you do not need any plumber. If unfortunately, the answer is NO, then you probably need a plumber.

What Type Of Shower Faucet would Suit my Bathroom?

Again if you ask me, I would say be your own decision-maker and look for the bathroom for yourself and decide what really suits you and your needs!

How to Make Sure My Shower Faucet Has a Long Life?

To make sure you Shower faucets runs for a very long time you need to set the temperature of your shower faucet 120º F or below.

What is a Custom Shower Faucet?

A custom shower faucet is a combination of shower heads, body sprays, and hand showers. These custom showers are made on-demand, and they also are a little expensive than standard shower faucets.

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