types of kitchen faucets

12 Types of Kitchen Faucets -Social Guide 2022

The kitchen faucet is an integral part when it comes to home improvement and home ideas. As a matter of fact, the most elegant types of kitchen types will help you take your kitchen to a whole new level. But how will you choose for yourself the best types of kitchen faucets? How would it benefit you?

types of kitchen faucets

Do not worry; we have got some of the best kitchens faucets for you after a lot of research, and these faucets would benefit you for sure and would best suit you. A faucet, whether it is a shower valve or showerhead or handheld showerhead, always need attention and seek qualitative knowledge when you want to buy it.

Choosing the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen is also crucial in a way so that you will keep yourself and your family healthy. How? We are going to explain it to you.

If your kitchen faucet quality is good, like the features that resist corrosion, tarnishing, and can get rid of the mineral entrapment in the spout would benefit your health. This way, you will keep your family and, of course, yourself from germs, and you would live a healthy life.

Some brands like Delta, Moen, and many others are top-rated, but they are also costly. If you are looking for such brands, you should have a look at delta touch faucet reviews here.

If you are looking for kitchen faucets, you must also need to know the type of kitchen sink. For this purpose, you should have a look at the best utility sink faucet here.

Most Popular Types of Kitchen Faucets

      The evolution of kitchen faucets over recent years have always attracted the attention of customers due to its elegant feature, styles, and appearances.

The parts to which people pay more attention in a kitchen faucet but any kind of faucet to the hose and valves’ design when encountering them at a store. Now enough of the pre-talking, let us get down to some of the beautiful faucets that we have brought down for you.

1-Single Hole Faucets (Best Kitchen Faucets)

   The single-hole faucets come from the idea that you only need one hole in your sink or wherever you want to install it. The single hole faucet is also one of the most used kinds of the faucet. It has a very unique but simple style.

single hole faucets

The faucet has a curved neck, and the only purpose of the bent neck is to prevent water or impurities (if any) from splashing too slowly from the faucet. For the temperature and pressure control, it has a top-mounted handle. There is also a single spout through which water comes out with full pressure from the aerators of your choice.

Keep that in mind that single-hole faucet is not an annoying faucet at all. Many single-hole faucets come with extra features and components.

These extra features and components are flow-control buttons, adjustable aerators, and extra strength disc cartridge.

  • Easy to Use
  • Requires only One Hole for Installation
  • Available Everywhere
  • Some features tend to Basic


 Sometimes your faucet gets faulty, and it starts leaking. If you are looking for how to fix a leaky bathtub faucet, you can have a look at it also.

2-Center-Set Faucets (best luxury kitchen Faucets)

   The center-set faucets are also called two-hole or two-handle faucets. They are called two-handle faucets because they have separate handles for both hot and cold water. Unlike single hole faucets, the center-set faucets require multiple holes for installation.

The center-set faucets are the primary and prior choice of families because they come with clearly separated temperature controls. This feature allows the faucet not to elevate the temperature to a peak value all of a sudden so that your kids would not burn themselves accidentally.

center set faucets

Like the single hole faucets, the center-set faucets also have a curved neck to prevent anything from splashing too slowly from the faucet. The faucet has a unique sleek design.

Everything of the center-set faucet is connected on one metal plate that resides in the center of your sink, and that is why the faucet is called a center-set faucet.

  • Separate hot and cold water controls
  • Sleeky Design
  • Multiple handles
  • Curved Neck
  • Resists corrosion and tarnishing
  • Requires multiple holes for installation

3-Widespread Faucets (best modern kitchen faucets)

    The widespread types of kitchen faucets are nearly identical in both shape and features to that of center-set faucets. But there are some differences also, which we are going to discuss here.

The center-set faucet keeps its shape altogether on a single base plate, but the widespread faucets do not have such a base plate. Instead, its installation is separately done. They have space anywhere from 6 to 16 inches apart, so before giving the faucet a try at your home, you need to think a little about which one is right for you.

widespread faucets

The widespread faucet will be a better choice for you if you want the handles of your faucet at a little space between them. It will also suit you if you need to install some extra sink accessories like soap dispensers and side sprayers.

  • Customizable layout
  • Works with extra like side sprayers
  • Requires multiple holes for installation

4-Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets (black stainless kitchen faucet)

     The pull-out kitchen faucet is precisely what its name says. A long detachable head pulls out from its spout closer towards you in the form of a hose or snake. The pull-out kitchen faucets also have a little more height than other kitchen faucets.

The pull-out faucets may have one or two handles, but the single handle pull-out faucets are the most common among people in North America. They have a sleek, versatile look and will add glory to your kitchen upon its installation.

pull out kitchen faucets

The pull-out kitchen faucets are great for washing those dishes, which are a little larger, so you may pull the detachable head closer to the dish without any hurdle and hesitation. They also come in literally every type of material out there in the market. So whether you like chrome, bronze, stainless steel, you shall find it.

  • Better flexibility
  • Useful for washing bigger dishes
  • Have many styles
  • Risk of high splash potential

5-Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

      You must keep in mind that pull-down kitchen faucets are slightly different from that of pull-out kitchen faucets. Even they are almost similar in functions as well yet a little different.

The head of pull-down kitchen faucet is in the downward position and is used as an extension rather than a free-ranging hose, thus results in limited flexibility.

pull down kitchen faucets

The pull-down kitchen faucets have a uniquely sleek style and appearance; although it is no different than pull-out kitchen faucet in almost every feature still, they are exceptions. These exceptions can not be ignored as people sometimes most of the people confuse pull-down faucet with pull-out faucet.

So for the sake that you do not confuse yourself with any of these two faucets and to make sure you are buying the right faucet, then you need to keep in mind the slightest differences between these two faucets.

  • Can clean dishes and pots efficiently
  • Less likely to cause splashing
  • The faucet does not stretch far

6-Side Sprayer Faucets

    We looked at different forums concerning which faucets have the best marketing value and why people want them? We found there are a lot of reasons people think. Some of them thought of not wanting faucets with detachable heads with aesthetics and many concerns about hygiene.

This does not mean that a spray hose for your kitchen faucet is a bad idea. Every person thinks differently. Where we found people not wanting these faucets, some people were still positive about them, and the chances are that you might be one of them who knows?

side sprayer faucets

So do not give up on the idea of kitchen faucet with side sprayers if you are one of its wanted persons. These faucets have a lot of features from adjustable aerators sprays to 360° swivel technology.

  • More extendable hose
  • The sprayer is installed separately
  • Cleaner and hygienic than other faucets
  • High Splash Potential

7-Two-Handle, One-Hole Faucets

      From here, the technical facets come into play, and these faucets are more complex than the previous ones mentioned above. These faucets are for those peoples who have specific needs for their homes, and they can install it even in enterprises. That is the reason that understanding these faucets is more critical.

types of kitchen faucets

Two-handle, one-hole faucets have separate controls each fir ht and cold water. These controls are attached directly to the spout. You can also guess from its name that it only needs one hole in its counterpart for its installation. So you do not need a professional plumber for its installation as its installation is super easy.

The only thing that you would not like about two-handle, one-hole faucet is that if it stops working, then you would have to replace the entire faucet instead of some parts. The design of the faucet is also an attractive and modern type.

  • Separate controls each for hot and cold water
  • Easy installation method
  • One-hole Installation
  • Could be Costly if needs to be replaced

8-Basin Taps (best black kitchen faucet)

  Basin taps are actually a couple of two min-type faucets that are put together on the sink. There is a central spout that further divides into two different units.

The basin taps are cheap, and one can afford it according to his budget. The installation to carry is also easy, and even a person with zero knowledge of plumbing can carry out the installation of basin taps.

basin taps

The design is vintage, but you do not have to have an old type kitchen for it. You can still use it while your kitchen is a modern type. The materials that make up the basin taps and give it a sleek, attractive look are chrome and stainless steel. Only the design of basin taps is classic and not the material.

The only drawback of the basin tap is that it does not have a central spout.

  • Easy distinguishable hot and cold water controls
  • Available in materials like chrome and stainless steel
  • No central spout

9-Wall-Mounted Faucets (commercial wall mount faucet)

    Wall-Mounted Faucets are the ones designed to be installed on the wall rather than the worktop. Wall-Mounted Faucets are a great choice if your utility sink is oversized or has a specific purpose. To reduce back spray, the spout aligning is necessary.

However, the installation of a wall-mounted faucet is comparatively time-consuming than that of a deck-mounted. You will also need some of the essential tools to drill some holes in the walls and a lot more than just holes.

wall mounted faucets

Wall-mounted Faucets are also expensive in the overall process than their counterparts but also have some advantages over them. For example, if you are using a wall-mounted faucet and for some reason, you need to change your utility sink, you don’t need to change your faucet because it is already present in the wall.

The drawback of the wall-mounted faucet is that it can create a mess if you do not carefully measure distances and splash trajectories.

  • Easy to clean
  • Different design to choose from
  • More countertop space
  • High splash potential

10-Pot-Fillers (best types of kitchen faucets)

     Pot fillers, as the name indicates, are the pot filler faucets that are specially made for restaurants or other commercial enterprises. These faucets have a thin spout, and its function is to fill deep basins with high water pressure.

The size and thickness of the spout may vary, but the ultimate function of the spout is to fill deep basins with high pressure that a regular basin or sink can not handle.

pot filler faucets

Though these faucets are not meant for daily kitchen use, if you have the needs of your kitchen that regular faucets can not handle properly, you can always go for pot-filler faucets.

The design of pot-filler is also not usual and common type; instead, it has a zig-zag design, and the design is handy for a faucet to carry out its heavy-duty. Here in the pot-fillers, the zig-zag design is just to fill the pots quicker than the expected time for an ordinary faucet.

  • Zig-Zag Design
  • Designed for Restaurants
  • Designed for Busy Kitchens
  • Not for everyday kitchen
  • Installation must be wall or deck-mounted

11-Cold Water Dispenser (best water dispenser)

    Do you live in the area where the temperature is high, and fresh water is always a relief? Do you work let us say in a store of fruits and vegetables where rinsing is a must every time? Whatever your reason is for arctic blast water, a cold water dispenser would always be the answer for you.

cold water dispenser faucets

If you have a profound job that requires the heavy-duty to be performed after a regular interval of time, such type of faucets should always be your priority.

Other faucets adjust their temperature after some time you switch it on, but what unique about cold water dispenser is that it adjusts its temperature (only for cold water) as you switch it on right away.

  • Instant Coldwater
  • Easy to install
  • Faucet design is basic
  • Only offers cold water

12-Hot Water Dispenser (best water dispenser)

    You may need hot water more often than cold water. You may need hot water for morning coffee; you may need hot water for midnight baby feeding. Whatever your reasons are as long as they for hot water. A hot water dispenser is your answer.

hot water dispenser

A hot water dispenser is the counterpart of the cold water dispenser. As the job of hot and cold water dispenser contradict with each other similar is the case with look and appearance. A hot water dispenser look may trick you, but you should always ask the seller of its duty so that you would not face any hurdle in the future.

  • Instant hot water
  • Easy installation
  • Design is also basic
  • Only offers hot water


  The kitchen faucet performs a substantial yet delicate duty. If it gets faulty, you either fix it or go for a new one. Not only kitchen faucet but showerheads or any kind of faucets as long as it is a faucet, it would be an integral part of your home.

That is why you must research first before buying.

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