types of shower heads

Types of Shower Heads – How to Social Guide 2022

types of shower heads

The showerhead is an integral part of any shower faucet and plays an essential role in controlling the pressure. People look out for showerheads to upgrade, but they don’t know where to start. That’s why we have included the best types of shower heads for you so that you don’t have to face this problem anymore.

Before running into which types of showerheads the best suit you, you need to consider some important points so that after buying the shower faucet of your choice, you are delighted with it.

Must Consider Before Buying

     Before buying any showerhead, you need to look for some things so that you don’t face any hurdles in the future. In this way, you will save your time as well as your money.

Water Pressure

  Why is it crucial for a showerhead to deliver the best suitable water pressure you need at the time? You know the answer if a showerhead cannot provide the right amount of water and how it would fulfill the pleasure you need to get while showering.

Some of the causes of low water pressure are showerhead material, the set central water valve pressure, dirt, and debris, etc.

Heating System (adds to types of shower heads)

   You also need to consider the heating system in your property. The majority of the household use a central heat and direct heat system. In case you do not know about how the heating system works, please click here

Proper heating systems on your premises would give you the best clue on how to choose the best showerheads for yourself.

Your Old Showerhead is Replaceable or Not

       The most crucial point to look for is whether your showerhead is replaceable or not; if yes, you are good to go.

Size of your Bathroom

    You are also going to have a look at the size of your bathroom so that you choose the size that is in equilibrium with your showerhead.

Types of Shower Heads – A Complete List

  1. Rain Shower Heads
  2. Handheld Shower Heads
  3. Dual Shower Heads
  4. Filtered Shower Heads
  5. Fixed Shower Heads
  6. Ceiling Shower Heads
  7. LED Shower Heads
  8. Low-Flow Shower Heads
  9. High-Pressure Shower Heads
  10. Shower Heads with an ON and OFF Switch

1- Rain Shower Heads (Rain System Shower Head)

rain shower head

    Rain Shower Head Faucet is the best option to go for if you want to give your body the best ticklish and pleasurable sensations. Rain showerheads come in a range of budget from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. But you can always choose the one according to your pocket.

There are many types of rain showerheads. The most popular ones are wall-mounted, and ceiling mounted. However, always look out for the size of your bathroom and replacing whether your old showerhead is replaceable.

You always need to narrow down your research because, on a bigger list, you would still get confused. Luckily we have already taken care of this.

You need to use an overhead shower arm if you are most cost-efficient. For such showerheads, the arms extend twelve to sixteen inches and sometimes even the full length of the shower arm. For a complete list of rain showerheads, please click here.

2- Handheld Shower Heads (Best Handheld Shower Heads)

handheld shower heads

     Sometimes you want to have the luxury of showering manually. For this reason, the handheld showerhead is the best option. A handheld showerhead is more flexible, easy to use, and, most important, not expensive at all. They usually are wall-mounted. The handheld showerheads are most handy when it comes to bathing your kids or even pets like cats and dogs.

The hose is usually of metal, and the hose’s length depends on the brand you are using. Many of the handheld showerheads provide a massaging effect over the fixed counterparts, which is also one of the main reasons you should go for a handheld showerhead.

Handheld Showerheads come with sensors like water sense technology and more that enable extra features. Still, this feature is limited to some of the handheld features as they are costly.

3-Dual Shower Heads (Best Type of Shower Head)

dual shower heads

    The combination of the handheld showerhead with the rain showerhead is typically named as a dual showerhead. When you use a dual showerhead, you will experience that it is different from every other kind of showerhead. That is why we have included it on our list because it is unique.

The dual showerheads come in a different range of budget, starting from as low as 80 dollars to as high as 1000 dollars as you can see in the image that you can always split up the dual showerhead into handheld and rain showerhead. But if you want to experience two in one, it is recommended that you use it in the way it is.

You can always choose the dual model that works best for you. The most exciting thing about the dual showerhead is that you can make this type of showerhead even by yourself. All you need to do is have a little knowledge about plumbing, but if you want to experience the professional experience, you have to buy one.

4-Filtered Shower Heads

filtered shower heads

    There are a lot of impurities in the water. The water that you drink every day is not pure enough. It contains impurities like chlorine, phosphorus, calcium, and many others. If you use a standard showerhead, it will not help you as these impurities would get stuck in the showerhead and would cause trouble for you.

To address this problem, filtered showerheads are there in the marketplace. What filtered showerhead does is that it filters these impurities and stops them from posing any harm to your body.

Before getting any filtered showerhead, make sure that they are NSF certified. The NSF only certifies those products which are safe and sound. The only problem with filtered showerheads is that they do not come with multiple features.

You have to replace the water filter every six months if the condition of water in your area is not good.

5-Fixed Shower Heads

fixed shower heads

    Fixed showerhead sometimes referred to as rain showerhead is an elegant showerhead that provides as many features as any other showerhead. These types of showerheads are wall-mounted. They are also typically smaller in size having a diameter of 5 inches or less.

If you have a tight budget you can go for a simpler fixed showerhead otherwise there are some advanced fixed showerheads. These sophisticated fixed showerheads provide you multi-functioning. You can change the spray setting of these advanced showerheads from narrow-wide spray to a more comprehensive range.

Kohler Forte and Speakman Icon Fixed showerheads are such types of showerheads.

Some fixed showerheads have a traditional style to follow while some are a contemporary style. One thing that you need to keep in mind when buying a fixed showerhead is that these showerheads are fixed as the name suggests so always pre-plan everything before installing these showerheads.

6-Ceiling Shower Heads (Best Luxury Shower Head)

ceiling shower heads

    Ceiling showerheads as the name indicates are ceiling-mounted showerheads. These showerheads are above you at an angle of 90 degrees covering your whole body and giving you a sensation of pleasure. Ceiling mounted showerheads gives you a feeling as you are standing in the rain.

One thing that you would not like about the ceiling-mounted showerheads is that these showerheads are expensive. However, most of the ceiling-mounted showerheads companies give you a limited lifetime warranty and limited money-back guarantee for a specific time.

The plus point of ceiling-mounted showerheads that no other showerheads have is that its water pressure is much higher than any other showerhead faucets. The reason for its high pressure is that it is wholly mounted above you, so the water drops coming out of it are gravity enhanced.

Ceiling-mounted showerheads also have a more significant surface area than any other faucets, and most of them are square-shaped. In short, the ceiling-mounted showerhead is the best choice that you can go for, and you would not regret picking it as a choice for your bathroom.

7-LED Shower Heads

LED shower heads

   LED Showerheads stands for light-emitting diodes showerheads. LED showerheads are the most decorative type of showerheads. The LED lights up in many colours and gives you a pleasing effect. These types of showerheads are for ornamental purposes.

LED Showerheads also reinforces you when the powers go out. However, most of the LED Showerheads require a battery for its regular operation. The LED showerhead always enlighten up your mood during the shower. The pressure adjustment is also very appealing, and it’s not like that the showerhead is only for ornamental purposes.

Fashion lovers, tens to go for LED showerheads. However LED showerheads are very expensive, and if you have a tight budget, there are always alternatives even in a very friendly budget. The pressure of LED showerheads is high, although, in the presence of LEDs, you will notice a slower drop of sprinkles. Overall the LED showerhead is very fancy and will add glory to your bathroom if you can afford it.

8-Low-Flow Shower Heads

low-flow shower heads

     The low-flow showerhead was not that common several years ago. The low flow showerheads are environmentally friendly and evergreen at the same time. Low flow showerheads are also budget-friendly however, some of them are very expensive as well. But before investing, you need to look at the flow rate of water, air pressure technology, and many more features to avoid problems in the future.

 Water pressure is also an important feature, and it varies in low flow showerheads from 1.5 gallons per minute to 2.5 gallons per minute. Low-flow showerheads are specially for those areas that have low water pressure, so to overcome this problem, low-flow showerheads made its entry to the market.

Low-flow showerheads are also comparatively smaller in size than say ceiling-mounted showerheads. It is also easy to clean, and the minerals that get stick in the showerhead are not that much because of low water pressure in the area.

9-High Pressure Shower Heads

high pressure shower heads

     High-pressure showerheads are for those people who take at least two showers a day and do not care about water bills because high-pressure showerheads are not water bill friendly. But besides that, it has an elegant massaging effect on the body due to its high pressure of water.

The sturdy, steady, and inline stream of water of high-pressure showerheads relax the body and as a result, you get rid of tiresome. High -pressure showerheads are budget-friendly however, some showerheads allow you to change spray settings and are costly.

Most of the high-pressure showerheads resist corrosion and rusting; however, as we mentioned earlier that the showerhead faucets become expensive when there are more features installed in it.

We recommend high-pressure showerheads if you can afford it because of its diverse nature and extra features in it.

10-Showerheads with an ON and OFF Switch

shower heads with an On and OFF switch

       Showerheads with an ON and OFF switch are more straightforward, easy to use, and affordable as well. The water pressure in these types of showerheads depends on the water pressure in your plumbing system. 

If the water pressure of your plumbing system is high, eventually you will also experience high pressure in the showerheads and vice versa.

These showerheads also come with a hose, and most of these showerheads are handheld and lets you experience the shower of your own choice. 

With other showerheads that are mostly fixed, you have to align yourself.

To the showerhead but in these showerheads you can displace the showerhead according to the body part you want to wash. These showerheads are the most widespread amongst people in North America and Asia.

The appearance of these showerheads varies in colour and finishing style depending on which company product you are using. However overall appearance is beautiful of any showerhead with an ON and OFF switch. The installation process for these showerheads is also super easy.

Final Talk

The showerheads we have discussed above are the ones that some of them are for sure expensive, while others are budget-friendly.  A man’s wiseness lies in effective decision making. Do not go for those showerheads that are beyond your budget.

Budget-friendly showerhead does not mean that they are low in quality. They provide you with the options that are plenty for you; you can experience a healthy life with it.

We hope you have benefited from this article if you have any questions regarding showerheads feel free to ask us by reaching to us.

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