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Types of Shower Valves – How to Guide 2022

A shower faucet without a shower valve is like a person without a brain. As the brain controls every part of your body, similarly shower valve also controls the shower faucet in many ways. The types of shower valves you need depend on the shower faucet you use in your daily life.

A shower valve performs two functions primarily. The first function is to control the temperature of the water, while the second one is to control the flow of water in the shower faucet.

Types of Shower Valves

Choosing the best shower valve for your shower, however, is not that simpler as you are not a professional plumber to know its quality. Don’t worry, Faucetsopedia has got you covered. You do not have to roam around all over the web to search for the best shower valve because right now, you are on the right page.

Different Types of Shower Valves

     There are different types of shower valves, but we have concised the shower valve into four different types. These shower valves are also optimized for many types of showerheads.

  1. Twin Shower Valves – One Way
  2. Twin Shower Valves – Two Way
  3. Triple Shower Valves – Two Way
  4. Triple Shower Valves – Three Way

Besides these shower valves, there are plenty of other types as well, which we will discuss at the end, but for now, let us explain the brands mentioned above.

1-Twin Shower Valves – One way

     As the name suggests, twin shower valves have two controls. One way twin shower valves can supply a single shower function and not two. For example, an overhead shower or a small shower on a slide rail but not both. The two controls control temperature and flow rate of water.

2-Twin Shower Valves – Two way

      Twin shower valves also have two controls. Two-way twin shower valves can supply two shower functions but not at the same time. This means that it enables you to switch from one to another outlet. The two-way twin shower valves have temperature control the same way it is in one Way twin shower valves.

What makes the two-way twin shower valve different from that of one way the twin shower valve is the diverter instead of flow control. The function of the diverter is that it can switch between the shower outlets.

The only drawback of the diverter is that it can not control the rate of flow of water as exceptional as the flow control.

3-Triple Shower Valves – Three-way

      The name of the triple shower valve – three-way indicates that it can supply three shower outlets. Just like the above two types, the three-way triple shower valves also have temperature control.

The other two controls that are present in the valve are two-way diverter and flow control. The two-way diverter takes care of the water flow between one of the two outlets, or you can set it off so that water flow would stop. 

The flow control function is to control the flow of water from full off to full-on of another third outlet.

You can see for yourself that the three-way triple shower valve is a bit of a complex structure. These types of shower valves are typical of use in large showerheads such as overhead drencher, and a detachable handheld shower.

Besides the types mentioned above in detail, there are some of the more types of shower valves that might best suit your shower faucet. We are going to discuss each one of them below one by one.

Thermostatic Shower Valves (Thermostatic Mixing Valve)

     The name thermostatic valve shows the duty this shower valve can perform by just looking at its name. The thermostatic shower valve controls the temperature that best suits you according to your desire in your shower faucet.

The thermostatic shower valve has a knob that can rotate. You can adjust the temperature of water even before you can turn on your shower faucet just by using the rotating knob.

thermostatic valve

A tremendous and qualitative thermostatic shower valve now a days has an anti-scald technology. All of the devices that have anti-scald features in them are called temperature controlling devices. The anti-scald technology prevents any sudden temperature surge in water and lets you enjoy your shower and to avoid skin burns.

Not only just that, but the thermostatic shower valves also have a water flow control system. With the help of this feature, water flow from each of the outlets limits itself to the required flow. This makes the thermostatic shower valve even more appealing.

Pressure Balancing Valves

    Faucet pressure-balancing valve comes into action to control the pressure of water from each of the outlets of the shower. The pressure balancing valve also acts as a stopper by keeping the water in one pipe so that it would not venture into another tube.

The pressure balancing valve has a system called piston vibration configuration. The hot and cold water produces pressure that drives the piston. This also controls the output with immediate effects.

Pressure Balancing Valve

Whenever pressure in the cold water pipe drops due to toilet flush ar an electrical surge, at the same time, hot water escapes through the track with not letting cold water get out. If such a situation occurs, the piston will vibrate for the sake of limiting hot water flow to maintain constant water pressure.

There is a shower cartridge present in the pressure-balancing valve. This cartridge shares a connection with the handle. The moment you turn on the handle cartridge lets the cold and hot water to mix up; thus, you can adjust the temperature.

 Concealed Shower Valves

    Concealed shower valves have most of its structures fitted inside the wall, and only the structures that control the shower valve are outside the fence. All the water pipes and outlets that connect to the shower valve are also inside the wall.

Exposed Shower Valves

    The exposed shower valve is the exact opposite of that of the concealed shower valve. In the exposed shower valve, all of its structures are outside the wall, including its outlets and associated pipes.

Traditional Mixing Valves

    The conventional mixing valve is one of the temperatures regulating valves. As the name implies, its function is to deliver the mixed water comprising both hot and cold ones to the showerhead.

If you buy a traditional mixing valve, the controls may be different in your one from the others. These differences are because of the manufacturing companies. Some mixing valves would have a central valve; some would have a single knob. The single knob is, particularly, for standalone showers.

Though mixing valves nowadays are not as particular as they were in the past. You will see them in most of the old homages, but that does not mean that the traditional mixing valves do not have a qualitative background. You can still use them leaving all the myths behind discussed above.

Diverter and Transfer Valves

     The diverter and transfer valves are an entirely new category of the shower valves. As the name indicates, there come two subcategories in these shower valves, namely Diverter Valves and Transfer valves.

Diverter Valves

      The shower diverter valves come in many options and are one of the most popular and common types. The diverter valves have simply a pull arm placed on the most upper part of it.

Divereter Valve

If you want your diverter valve to make the temperature reach the desired value, you pull the arm up. This way, the water in the tap stops and directs water to the showerhead. The type of showerhead that you use will also have an impact on this process, but the effect is minimal.

Transfer Valves

   The transfer valves work on the contrary to that of the diverter valves. The diverter valves divert the water flow from a tub to a shower or from a shower to the bathtub, but the transfer valves transfer the water to different outlets at the same time.

Transfer Valve

This type of transfer valve is ideal for you if you have a shower wall. You can also preferably use the transfer valves if you prefer using a handheld showerhead without turning o the main showerhead.

In general, the transfer lets you use one to two components at a time. However, there is some exception that enables you to use more than two components at a time. These kinds of setups either activates one or a combination of two components but never more than two combinations at the same time.

Digital Controls

   Digital controls come into play if you want full control over your shower faucet without the clutter of the manual knobs. This digital control gives you a wide range of options and personal experience.


  The aesthetics control typically takes less space as compared to manual controls and is also a single digital panel. Also, the panel will not face the issue of corrosion and tarnishing, unlike metal handles. It also can control multiple components by a single panel without any clutter.

Temperature Setting

   The temperature setting is the most important aspect, especially when you live in such an area where the weather changer at regular intervals after some time.

The panel lets you set a temperature of your very own and of your choice. Once you have set the temperature of your desire, you can now program it into one of the users’ presets.

Some sophisticated controls also include more additional functions such as steam settings and many more as well.

Manual Control System

    A manual control system (trim) is found in most bathrooms that have the best bathroom shower faucets. These are the particular kind of knobs that controls the temperature of the water and can also divert the water in a tub or shower combo.

Shower Trim

  When you picture a shower, the combination trim is perhaps the first thing that you can think of. For hot and cold water, the trim consists of separate handles or knobs and not just that; besides, they also have diverter controls. As already discussed, this diverter allows you to switch the water between the tap and the showerhead.

In general, shower trim is used for standalone shower faucets such as handheld shower faucets. While control varieties consider numerous parts, water is commonly sent directly to the showerhead. The most fundamental variety of this trim choice is a single handle or handle which is pulled or raised to turn on the water and pivots left and the option to alter the temperature.

The drawback to this kind of control is that numerous models don’t permit you to control the volume of water originating from the showerhead.

What Can go Wrong with a Shower Valve?

       The shower valve is not a complex structure and what can go wrong when a structure is as simple as a shower valve. But if still malfunctions, the first thing you need to do is not to panic and check for the following items to rectify the malfunctioned parts.

  1. Check for the casting fault firstly and foremost. Somewhere in the metal body, the valve there is an actual hole that might have been caused by a defect during the casting process.
  2. The faulty cartridge might be an issue if your shower valve is not working correctly. The most common malfunction of the cartridge is leaking. You can always replace the cartridge with a new one because they are not hugely expensive.
  3. There is a higher chance that your cartridge might need calibrating. If you are not satisfied with the hot water functioning of your shower valve, then you have to adjust the setting of the cartridge. But do not worry, this does not affect the thermostatic operation of your shower valve.
  4. The minimum water pressure might be another issue if your shower valve is not fulfilling your needs it is supposed to. If that is the case, then you need to install a water pump for it to deliver the water pressure of your desired value.

Final Talk

  Without a shower valve, your shower faucet will look a broken faucet, which you do not want at all. The primary purpose of why we have written everything in such detail is that you should realize the importance of a shower valve and we hope that you have now.

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